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Trump is a Covid and Climate Denier on Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence
Documentation of the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence in Washington D. C. On this day, protest works included posters showing a fist of power, an image of Trayvon Martin accompanied by his name, an image of Dominique Clayton with her name and text…

Climate Change is Real
A colorful patchwork mural depicts changing weather patterns affecting the planet as factory smokestack releases emissions. A human eye and lightbulb perhaps encourage the viewer to notice what is happening and think about the future. A long tentacle…

If Climate Were A Work of Art
According to the artist, this diptych spraypainted on utility boxes conveys "a strong message that we want a government that puts climate change on top of the agenda ✊. It is still treated as climate change will solve itself. But like the hourglass…

STOP Climate Change (Indigenous people)
This stop sign intervention in New York City depicts a trio of Indigenous people threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change. This is one of a series created by the anonymous street artist Stikman.

STOP Climate Change (Polar Bear)
This image of a modified STOP sign in an illustrated street is pasted on the exterior of a public phone kiosk in Brooklyn. In it a polar bear perches precariously above rising sea levels. According to the photographer, Luna Park, it was installed by…

Too Late
This large mural of Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg appears on the side of a building in Bristol, England. It was painted in May, 2019 for Upfest, Europe's largest street art festival. Thunberg had received worldwide notoriety for her…
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