Eco Street Art Resources


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Human Nature art production company, based in London, sponsors environmental public art projects and exhibitions. See descriptions of the ambitious environmental street art projects they have sponsored on their website (

Hagopian Arts, a female-led mural initiative based out of Philadephia has created an Eco Mural Project comprising a "series of ecologically-themed public art pieces that have two goals: to beautify blank walls and educate the public about environmental degradation." Each mural contains a QR code that links to further information about the ecological issues and to relevant environmental organizations. See the details on their website ( 

Our Greener Future, a nonprofit organization in the United Kingdom, uses "art and creativity to inspire, educate and support people who are interested in sharing their love of nature and adopting sustainable choices." Learn about the eco street art projects they have supported on their website (

Graffiti Arts, a street art, graffiti, and mural agency has a page highlighting environmentally friendly street art methods and artists-for-hire on their website (