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Stop Eating Palm Oil.png
A baby orangutan holds a pencil and appears to have just written on the wall in Scottish Gaelic, "sguir ag ithe ola palm" (stop eating palm oil). This is one of a series of murals depicting orangatans to raise public awareness about how they are…

It's Oh So Quiet.png
In a mural on the side of a building, an enormous sparrow perches on a sagging chainlink fence while holding a plastic drinking straw in its beak. The caption reads "IT'S OH SO QUIET." As explained in the artist's own December 16, 2019 Instagram post…

Don't Make Us History Whale.png
This image is one among a series by Parisian stencil street artist Polar Bear Stencils with the message "Don't Make Us History." This stencil image of a whale appears against a colorful graffiti-painted wall.
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