ECO STREET ART ARCHIVE: The Urban Art Mapping Eco Street Art database documents examples of street art from around the world that address the ecological crisis, environmental justice, ecological regeneration and sustainability. The database serves as a repository for images and a future resource for scholars and artists by way of metadata that is freely available for educational use and research. All image reproduction rights remain with the artist/image producer.

SUBMISSIONS: Given the global scope of this database, crowdsourcing is essential to the expansion of this project. Have you seen relevant examples of street art in person or on your social media feeds? Please consider contributing images and information to the database using the “Contribute an Item” link in the menu.  

HOW TO USE THIS ARCHIVE: You may browse our curated collections that organize the images based on several prevalent themes using "browse collections." Click on "browse map" to find images based on location, explore "browse tags," or identify images based on key words.

Images are collected in this database for educational purposes and are not intended for commercial use. 

Recently Added Items

Trump is a Covid and Climate Denier on Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.29.25 AM.png

Documentation of the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence in Washington D. C. On this day, protest works included posters showing a fist of power, an…

Clean Air is a Human Right

Clean Air is a Human Right.jpg

Big block letters stretched across several sections of brick wall along a city sidewalk declare, "Clean Air is a Human Right." The work references a…

We Want Independent Monitoring

We Want Independent Monitoring.png

Against the backdrop of a dingy brick wall, a colorful mural depicts a young girl with her eyes closed seemingly inhaling the scent of a flower while…